Why choose us?


A dozen reasons to visit BIEEC

BIEEC is in a unique location allowing our curriculum to emphasize the natural coastal, marine and reef environments and human use of these areas. Our range of activities aims to be enjoyable, exciting, challenging, practical, first-hand experiences with various aspects of the environment.

1. BIEEC is a curriculum driven facility.

Programs undertaken are directly linked to the Australian Curriculum learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curricula priorities. We are not just another camp facility.

2. BIEEC is staffed by education professionals

First and foremost, our staff are qualified teachers. Teaching staff have had to undertake additional training in addition to their teaching qualifications. These include, Certificates in Public Safety, Outdoor Recreation, Maritime Operations, Training and Assessment and advanced levels of First Aid.


3. BIEEC provides educational experiences for students beyond the capacity of the classroom

The outdoor environment and the specialised equipment of the centre allows for learning experiences simply not possible in a classroom.


4. BIEEC provides educational experiences that meet the specific needs of your students

Programs are individualised and personalised in consultation with the class teacher for each visit. Students from all walks of life access the centre and our inclusive nature sees students with disabilities, EAL/D, cultural backgrounds, learning needs and geographical isolation achieve success.

5. BIEEC staff deliver the program

Why visit a location and then have to deliver most or the entire program yourself?

6. BIEEC has access to the widest diversity of habitats and environments to facilitate learning experiences

Studies undertaken emphasise a unique combination of freshwater, coastal, reef and marine environments and human use of these areas.


7. BIEEC integrates the use of STEM and ICT's into programs

Whether it is data loggers, environmental monitoring gear, iPads with a range of apps, virtual and augmented reality devices, microscopes or using our computer laboratory, ICT's are integrated into a program.

8. BIEEC is the best equipped state-run outdoor or environmental education centre in Queensland

Our range of environmental monitoring gear, ICTs and outdoor education equipment, such as high and low ropes, boats or canoes, is second to none.

9. BIEEC is conveniently located

Our convenient location in the Central Queensland coastal township of Boyne Island and nearby Tannum Sands means transport costs are reduced. We have bus access spaces and signage that is friendly to find.

10. BIEEC has comfortable facilities

Although modest, we have everything you require for a comfortable stay. You stay in Safari Cabins that have electric lighting and bunks. We can also supply linen as an optional extra. Kitchen, dining room and classroom are all air-conditioned. There are modern toilet and shower facilities for staff and students. We are a quiet oasis in a suburban area.

11. BIEEC has catering options

There is a catering option for every budget and convenience. We have an external caterer who will look after your groups needs by cooking and serving for you. BIEEC can also provision food, menu and recipes for cooking and serving by your own group. We pride ourselves in sustainable practices like composting and less packaging of food. Students are always involved with cleaning up after meals. One thing is for sure, you won't go hungry!

12. BIEEC is safe

Safety is part of our culture rather than simply a directive or policy. Risk assessment and risk management procedures are thorough and ensure a safe environment that children can feel confident to learn and grow. Staff qualifications and competencies are above and beyond risk assessment requirements.

BIEEC is not just a camp venue, we are a partner in the education of your students, living and breathing our ethos of 'Empowering extraordinary minds'

Last reviewed 26 October 2020
Last updated 24 September 2019